Shelly Chinberg - Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Mar 19, 2018

Shelly Chinberg is the Area Director for Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters Serving Reno County.  She has been with Big Brothers Big Sisters for nearly 5 years and over Reno County for the last 3 years.  She is grateful for the support of the Community Leadership Council for their guidance and support these past years as well as the steadfast support of the United Way.

Shelly has been in development virtually all of her adult life, working either directly for a nonprofit or through her many years working for a fundraising consulting firm.  Shelly firmly believes that all nonprofits should be run like a business and belong to the communities they serve.  She is especially proud of the complete transparency of Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters and their commitment to mission.
Shelly has two grown children who she says are her greatest accomplishment.  Her only real hobby is her addiction to shooting sporting clays—something she NEVER saw herself doing, but has become quite passionate about!