Marcy Kauffman

Director of Membership/Hutch 662-3391

Marcy Kauffman is a life-long Hutchinsonian, graduating from Hutchinson High School and Hutchinson Community College.
She spent nine months away from Hutchinson when she attended K-State in Manhattan, but ended up getting her marketing degree at Wichita State University.
Kauffman is the Director of Membership at the Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce.
Prior to joining the Chamber, Marcy served as a Chamber Ambassador for 22 years. She has been involved with (volunteer and/or fundraiserUnited Way, TECH, Meals on Wheels, Reno County E-Partners and the Downtown Hutchinson Promotions Committee.
She is also a proud member of the Hutchinson Rotary Club. She has been a member for at least 16 years.
"I appreciate the scope of what Rotary does in our world and like being a small part of what makes the organization so great," she said. "I treasure the relationships with other members of our club and the instant connection Rotary membership gives when meeting other Rotarians for the first time."
When Kauffman has any free time, she loves traveling; hanging out with her boyfriend, Craig, and their kids; riding bikes; playing with their dogs; watching sports like basketball, hockey, football, horse racing and other events. She also makes sure to watch teh end of dog shows - she wants to see the winners.
If you want a conversation starter, ask her about her horse showing days. Marcy showed quarter horses. Her claim to fame is being Reserve World Champion in 1983 and 1985. She was on ESPN when the finals aired.